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2019 - JUMP ROPE FOR HEART (American Heart Association)

Jump Rope for Heart Kickoff event : January, First Semester Awards Program.

Collection packets will be given to students to use to collect from family members who would like to sponsor they for this event. Students will have January  - end of February to collect money from jump sponsors.

Students will then have a week long event during the last week of February (Heart Month) to celebrate heart learning and jump rope skills learned.

Parent and community volunteers are welcome to attend the week long event during regular Physical Education Classes. Those interested in volunteer will need to do the volunteer process at least two weeks in advance to participate as a volunteer.

5th Annual - JUMP DAY will be held on the last Saturday of February 10 am in our school multi purpose room. This is an opportunity for the community to come together with our school and everyone showcase his/her jumping skills. I look forward to seeing everyone. All participating will receive a JUMP toe token for attending.

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Home Play - PE Monthly Skill Homework

Grades 3 - 5 Home Play is a homework sheet for student participation outside school. These sheets are due each month to Mrs. Wyatt for credit in Home Play. Students can get a monthly home play sheet off the outside gym door and/or during weekly PE class. 
November - Game Plan (Football Skills)
December - 
January -
February - 
March - 
April -
May -

Five Health Behaviors

1 - Physical Activity, 60 minutes daily.
2 - Limit Screen Time (TV, video games, computers, etc.) to 1-hour or less
3 - Sleep, 8-11 hours daily
4 - Fruits and Vegetables, 5 - 9 servings daily
5 - Limit Sugar drinks, drink more water.

Personal BEST DAY (3-5 Grades) Challenge

 The object is to measure 3 components of health-related fitness; aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, and muscular strength. We will do this throughout the year to monitor improvement in your fitness levels. You can improve your scores by working hare in P.E. and by being active outside of PE and school.
Scores are not shared with others. They are a gauge to see how your fitness improves throughout the year. Trying your best each time we have a Personal Best Day is the goal.
Students take a moment to reflect on their performance and set individual goals.
Bi-Monthly : September - November - January - March  - May 

Jumping Jack Mania (Dance)

K - 5 Grades - Focus on Fitness for November
Jumping Jacks - 8 counts
March in Place - 8 counts
Jumping Jacks with Knee - 16 counts
March in Place - 8 counts
Side Kick Jumping Jack - 16 counts
March in Place - 8 counts
Scissors Jumping Jacks - 16 counts
March in Place - 8 counts